Polo is a sport like few others, as much of the sport you see is the result of work by volunteers and supporters behind the scenes. The sport is played at clubs across the US, in small towns to major cities, and the fanfare is focused on the players, the horses and the magic of the game. The game doesn’t just happen, the horses, the fields, the sheer logistics of operating clubs and tournaments, down to the parties and social events many clubs conduct are performed by volunteers and club members. They work tirelessly taking care of the necessary details, grounds keeping, announcing, timekeeping, training horses, coordinating the traveling teams, finding hotel rooms, putting up the goal posts, painting the endlines.....tasks too numerous to mention, but necessary. 

The Museum of Polo created the Spirit of Polo Recognition program to allow clubs to identify and recognize those volunteers and supporters in their clubs with an engraved brick in our front walk, in a space set aside for the Recognition program. We invite the Clubs to name their own recipients of the Recognition, and to submit the person’s name, host club, and role the recipient has / had with their club, along with $250.00. We will engrave their name in a brick in our front walk, and return a photo and an acknowledgement to the club.

Bricks are $250 each. Size, 8” x 8”, inscription is up to five (5) lines, eighteen (18) characters per line.

Please contact Brenda Lynn at 561-969-3210 or polomuseum@att.net to learn more about the Spirit of Polo Recognition.